How to

Bookwrap: a removable cover for a book.
A Bookwrap can be embroidered, quilted, pieced, patched or appliqued or it can be a mixed media piece. A Bookwrap can be a book jacket, where the book’s covers are inserted into sleeves, or a wrap-around cover which is tied or otherwise secured to hold the book in place.

What you need to do:

  • Make the Bookwrap to fit any commonly-available notebook. You may include the book if you wish, but adding a notebook is NOT compulsory;
  • Include a slip of paper with the Bookwrap to show the maker’s name;
  • Photograph it and send the photo to: and we’ll put it on the website. Include any information you wish to share (techniques used, material, size, etc);
  • If you can it would help us if you resize the photo to 72 dpi and a maximum dimension of 600 pixels, but if not please still send the photo to us;
  • If you can’t photograph it, put a note with the Bookwrap when you send  it and we’ll do that for you;
  • Parcel up your Bookwrap and send it to: Bookwrap Gems c/o 103 Desborough Road, Rothwell, Northants, NN14 6JQ (United Kingdom);
  • Keep visiting the website to see what everyone is making.

Need some ideas to start you off?
Click on the Patterns page where you will find printable ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

Why not get together with friends and make a day of it – share ideas – pool materials and make a collection to send to us. Send us a picture of the group at work to put here on the website.
The website will showcase all your fabulous creations before the Tombola at FoQ 2013.

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5 Responses to How to

  1. michele clarke says:

    I have made an ebook cover for my Kindle – would that design be acceptable?

  2. Jacqueline Filer says:

    Would you please show us a basic pattern for us to follow. Many thanks

  3. Jacqueline Filer says:

    Many thanks. I wasn’t looking at the site properly.

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