Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How do I start making a ‘bookwrap gem’?

All you need is some fabric, a notebook (for the pattern)  and an idea – perhaps a technique you always wanted to try, or some bits of fabric that will look good together, or even a UFO you can experiment with.

  • I’ve got lots of fabric but can’t find the right idea … what now?

If the problem is that you have too many ideas, well, just start with one of them – these bookwraps are so quick to make, you’ll be able to try out the others too!

  • I’m a traditional quilter and have only ever made bed-sized quilts – can I make a Bookwrap Gem?

All kinds of techniques and styles are possible!  Perhaps you’d like to try a favourite block in foundation piecing on a smaller scale, or have ‘ufo’ blocks that you’d like to adapt, or can use this as an opportunity to try out a quilting pattern.

  • What size should the ‘bookwrap gem’ be?

A Bookwrap Gem can be any size that fits a standard sized notebook (A4, A5, A6). We suggest A6 because it’s not too big and fits into a handbag but other sizes are welcome too.

  • Are any special materials or tools needed?

No – use what you usually use to make your quilts. Of course, if you want to experiment, these small pieces are ideal for doing that.

  • Does it have to be ‘arty’?

‘Bookwrap gems’ can be traditional or contemporary. They can be pieced, appliqued, wholecloth, embellished or any combination of styles.

  • Does it have to have wadding?

It can be two or three layers, joined by stitch.

  • Does it have to have a binding?

The edge should be finished appropriately – you may wish to bind it conventionally, or to finish with satin stitch, or to use some other method of finishing the edge.

  • Can I use a backing to hide my knots and threads on the back?

You’ll need to have a few stitches going through all the layers – and to hold that backing on securely.

  • Does the bookwrap gem  need a label?

No. You can sign and date the Bookwrap Gem on the inside if you like. You can also  add a slip of paper to yourBookwrap Gem with all the details you wish to share with the winner (your name, title, techniques, materials, etc).

  • Why would I want to start working small?

Working small allows you to become adventurous and experimental – you can risk trying new tools and techniques. Working small will give you a new focus – like taking a close-up picture with your camera.

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