Welcome to the Bookwrap Gems Project

At the Festival of Quilts 2013 the Tombola offered an amazing collection of Bookwraps (bookcovers) to treasure. The Festival of Quilts 2013 took place in August 2013 in Birmingham, England. We organised the Bookwrap Gems Tombola  in support of the Quilters’ Guild Museum and Gallery in York.

The Bookwrap Gems Tombola was a big success and raised £8388!!!

We would like to thank everybody who was involved in one way or another in this project, the bookwrap makers, the volunteers on the Tombola stand and of course all the people who got themselves bookwrapped. You all did a fantastic job!!!

This site will remain active, so that winners of Bookwrap Gems can make themselves known and of course so you can keep bookwrapping. Have fun!

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Want to see the bookwraps? Have a look here or on the Bookwrap Gems page.

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To see all the Bookwrap Gems click here or on Bookwrap Gems in the menu. To see all the Bookwrap Gems made by one maker click on the name in the Makers box in the sidebar. To see all the Bookwrap Gems made using a particular technique click on the technique in the Tags box in the sidebar.

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8 Responses to Welcome to the Bookwrap Gems Project

  1. a ferreira says:

    It would be nice if we could also know the makers’ blog address (those who have one anyway), so that we could see some more of this lovely work!

  2. Lynda Heaton says:

    I couldn’t make a comment on one of the bookwraps-they were all so interesting and different.Lynda

  3. Pat Wills says:

    What a lovely project. Just making a start. How many are you hoping for?

    • bookwrapgems says:

      As many as possible, so please keep wrapping!!!
      Herma, Bookwrapgems Team

    • Hilary Gooding says:

      Hundreds – thousands! It’s all in a good cause. Spread the word please. Hilary G

      • Christine says:

        Hilary, I hope you see this, I cannot find an email contact for website for you. I won one of your book wraps and I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with it. I tried to find it amongst yours on display here but sadly it is not there. It is brown with a green lizard on it. Great project. I love your other wraps too!

  4. Elizabeth Thomas says:

    Lovely book wraps, can we get a tombola ticket online? (Just in case I don’t make it to the Festival.)

  5. Mandy says:

    I was one of the lucky winners. It was such fun to help out on the Tombola stand too – very lively, with everyone enjoying themselves even when they were standing in the queue! I was extremely lucky to win, not one, but three bookwraps by the same maker – Sally Hutson. No, this was not a cheat. I won them on three separate days, and they were chosen for me by the person on the stand. They did not look at the bookwraps before they were handed over – this was all done sight unseen to make it fair on everyone.I really cannot believe my luck!
    Thanks Sally for your wonderful bookwraps. I love them!

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